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Hailing from New Zealand, engineer Mike Smith embarked on a remarkable journey spanning over 25 years, dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and continuous enhancement of mini trencher attachments. In 2014, the fruits of his labour culminated in the establishment of “GR Manufacturing,” a venture led by Mike Smith and an American partner. Together, they set out to create a groundbreaking mini trencher known as GeoRipper®, which utilised power disc cutters. This ingenious solution aimed to address the limitations faced by chainsaw-based trenchers.

Upon closer examination, a striking contrast emerged between chainsaw engines and power disc cutter engines. Chainsaw chains were designed to operate intermittently at approximately 13,000 RPM, while disc cutters were engineered for uninterrupted operation at 9,500 RPM. Digging in the ground produced dust that bore a striking resemblance, both in terms of physical properties and abrasiveness, to concrete dust. Furthermore, the air filtration system of disc cutters far outperformed that of chainsaws, as it was purpose-built to filter out concrete dust rather than wood dust. With the drive reduction system inherent in disc cutters, maintenance work was drastically reduced, making the choice to develop trenchers with power disc cutter engines an obvious one.

In 2018, GeoRipper® made its debut in Europe, earning accolades and capturing the attention of major telecom companies, as well as landscapers and irrigation specialists. The impact was undeniable.

Fast forward to 2021, and the New Zealand product underwent a transformation, reemerging as GeoTrencher®. This rebranding aligned seamlessly with CE and UKCA regulations and charted a clear path forward in our quest to serve customers worldwide.

The year 2021 also witnessed the introduction of additional models designed for Stihl® branded powerheads, including the TS420 and TS500i, adding to our Husqvarna and Makita offerings. The GeoTrencher® range continued to expand and evolve.

But the story doesn’t end there. In 2023, GeoTrencher® took a leap into the world of battery-powered portable trenchers. Among the standout offerings is the GeoTrencher Makita CE001GZ 80v Max, offering a choice of 400mm or 500mm bars and chains ranging from 38mm to 56mm wide. Innovation and excellence continue to be at the forefront of the GeoTrencher® experience, always aiming to elevate the bar for trenching solutions.

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