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GeoTrencher GeoChains are engineered for precision, adeptly cutting through diverse soil types such as clay, gravel, sand, compacted terrain, and frozen ground. These chains efficiently manage roots up to 70mm in diameter, enhancing trenching capabilities.

Precision Chain Sizes:
Our meticulously crafted chain sizes, available in 25mm, 38mm, or 56mm width, are tailored to meet specific trenching requirements.

Versatile Chain Lengths:
GeoTrencher provides a variety of chain lengths designed to match different bar sizes, ensuring flexibility for a range of projects. These chain lengths are compatible with 400mm, 500mm, and 700mm bars, seamlessly accommodating various trenching needs.

Geo Trenchers

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Geo Chains

Precision-Engineered Trenching Chains for Lasting Durability

Geo Kits

Trenching Attachment Kits: Seamlessly Attach To Your Demo Saw

Geo Carts

Connects effortlessly to your mini trencher, simplifying the trenching task.