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Portable Trenching Solutions

Explore The Versatility Of GeoTrencher Portable Trenching Systems
Engineered For Enduring Performance

Who we are


GeoTrencher Ltd New Zealand is a dedicated manufacturer of portable trenchers. Our founder and engineer, Mike Smith, has accumulated over three decades of experience perfecting compact trenching systems. With a steadfast commitment, GeoTrencher is devoted to crafting and continuously improving portable trenching technology to meet your needs.

What we offer

Portable Trenching Solutions

Geo Trenchers

Explore our comprehensive selection of Powerhead and GeoTrencher setup options available for purchase through your nearest online store.

Geo Kits

Designed to fit a wide range of cut off saw powerheads with ease and precision. Our attachment kits are carefully crafted from the highest quality materials, ensuring strength, durability, and longevity in even the most demanding working environments.

Geo Chains

GeoChains are meticulously designed to thrive in various conditions. With our chains, you can trench through compacted, frozen, rocky soil, or even through a gravel road.

Geo Parts

GeoTrencher replacement components - available at your nearest online store or authorized dealer.

Geo Carts

The GeoCart is compatible with all GeoTrencher models, making operating a GeoTrencher smooth and easy. Plus, it offers the option of adding stone and dirt reflectors for added convenience.

Geo Dealers

Find The Nearest Online GeoTrencher Store Or Authorized GeoTrencher Dealer.