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GeoTrencher – 700mm Trencher – Echo CSG7410

EAN: 9421037730516 SKU GTS-ECHO-CSG7410-700 Category

Trencher: GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES

*Bar Size: 700mm*

Redefine trenching tasks effortlessly with the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES. This remarkable trencher seamlessly combines power, precision, and durability, setting new standards for construction and landscaping projects. Dive into the details of this impressive machine designed to make your trenching experience not only efficient but also truly remarkable.


Revolutionize Your Trenching Experience

If you’re seeking a trenching solution that combines power, precision, and durability, look no further than the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES. This remarkable trencher is designed to redefine your trenching tasks, making them not only efficient but also effortless. Let’s delve into the details of this impressive machine that’s set to revolutionize your construction and landscaping projects.

Power Unleashed with ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead

At the heart of the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES lies the ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead, a true powerhouse that guarantees exceptional performance. This powerhead boasts the industry’s best air cleaner systems, ensuring that your trencher operates at peak efficiency. The 73.5 cm³ two-stroke engine features a chrome cylinder and patented Kaniboron™ piston plating, providing not only friction reduction but also superior wear and heat resistance.

One of the standout features of this powerhead is the two-ring piston, which creates a gas-tight seal with the cylinder. This feature is indispensable in high-compression engines, ensuring that you get maximum power output consistently. Moreover, the magnesium crankcase enhances the powerhead’s strength while keeping it lightweight for easy maneuverability.

High Cutting Torque for Unmatched Performance

The GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES stands out with its remarkable cutting torque, setting it apart in its class. Thanks to its 2.6:1 drive ratio, this trencher delivers superior cutting power. The drive ratio, which represents the ratio of the wheel pulley diameter to the drive pulley diameter, plays a pivotal role in determining torque. In this case, a higher ratio translates to more torque at the wheel, making it easier to cut deep into various soil types.

This increased torque not only boosts efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of the unit getting bogged down during trenching. It’s a game-changer when you’re dealing with challenging terrains, ensuring that your trencher maintains its performance and productivity even in adverse conditions.

Specifications that Define Excellence

Here are some key specifications of the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES:

  • Powerhead: ECHO CSG-7410ES
  • Bar Sizes: Available in 400mm, 500mm, and 700mm options
  • Engine: 73.5 cm³ two-stroke engine with chrome cylinder
  • Piston Plating: Patented Kaniboron™ for friction reduction and wear resistance
  • Piston: Two-ring design for gas-tight seal
  • Crankcase: Lightweight magnesium for added strength
  • Drive Ratio: 2.6:1 for high cutting torque


The GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES: Your Trenching Companion

In conclusion, the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES is more than just a trencher; it’s your trusted companion for conquering the most demanding trenching tasks. With its powerful ECHO CSG-7410ES Powerhead, top-notch specifications, and high-cutting torque, it sets new standards for trenching excellence. Whether you’re a professional landscaper, construction contractor, or DIY enthusiast, this trencher is designed to make your projects smoother and more efficient. Choose the size that suits your needs, and unlock a new level of trenching performance with the GeoTrencher Echo CSG-7410ES.


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