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GeoKit – 700mm Trencher Conversion Kit – Shindaiwa EC741S

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Bolt On Trencher Attachment For Concrete Cutting Saw 


1 x  Concrete Cutting Saw Trenching Attachment

2 x 38mm wide Trenching Chains

1 x Easy-to-follow instructions guide you step-by-step through the conversion process, ensuring a smooth transition for optimal results.

GeoTrencher provides you with the flexible option to acquire the attachment kit separately, designed to seamlessly complement your existing powerhead setup. The GeoTrencher attachment kit offers a comprehensive package that includes an effortless bolt-on bar, precisely engineered sprockets, a sturdy chain guard, and a reliable mudguard.

This versatile kit not only enhances the functionality of your current powerhead but also adds convenience and efficiency to your trenching operations. With GeoTrencher’s attachment kit, you can equip your equipment with the latest advancements in trenching technology, ensuring that your projects are executed with precision and ease. Upgrade your capabilities and optimize your workflow by investing in the GeoTrencher Trenching attachment kit, the ideal solution for tackling diverse trenching challenges.


Trenching Attachment For Concrete Cutting Saw

With the GeoTrencher Trenching attachment fitted to your Concrete Cutting Saw, you can opt for 25mm, 38mm wide chains, or 56mm wide chains, catering to the specific needs of your trenching project. This adaptability ensures you can handle various soil types and trenching conditions effortlessly. Furthermore, the GeoTrencher attachment kit comes with choices for fitting trenching bars of different lengths – 400mm, 500mm, or 700mm. This versatility empowers you to tailor your trenching setup to the depth and scale of your excavation, providing a precision tool that meets the unique demands of each project. Incorporate the GeoTrencher attachment kit into your trenching operations and relish the benefits of customization, efficiency, and enhanced performance. It’s the perfect solution for effortlessly addressing diverse trenching challenges with precision. Key Features:

  1. Cut-off Saw Trenching Attachment Kit:
    • Choose from a 400mm, 500mm, or 700mm GeoTrencher bar for personalized trenching performance.
  2. Wide Trenching Chains:
    • Kit includes two 38mm wide trenching chains, ideal for handling various soil conditions.
  3. Easy Bolt-On Design:
    • Effortlessly transform your Concrete Cutting Saw with the user-friendly bolt-on design, ensuring a trouble-free installation process.
  4. Chain Guard and Mudguard:
    • Enhance safety and efficiency with the included chain guard and mudguard, safeguarding both the operator and the equipment during operation.
  5. Comprehensive Instructions:
    • Easy-to-follow instructions guide you through the conversion process, ensuring a seamless transition for optimal results.


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