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GeoTrencher – 500mm Trencher – Makita EK8101

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GeoTrencher – 500mm Trencher – Makita EK8101

Step into unparalleled trenching efficiency and precision with the GeoTrencher Makita EK8101. Meticulously engineered to redefine industry benchmarks, this formidable machine paired with a 500mm long GeoTrencher trenching bar promises optimal performance, reliability, and precision in every trenching endeavor.



  • Exceptional Fuel Efficiency & Capacity: Experience unmatched trenching endurance with the Makita EK8101, boasting an expansive 1.1-liter fuel tank capacity, meticulously designed to fuel extended trenching operations with unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The innovative 5-stage air filter system ensures pristine air intake, enhancing the saw’s performance and minimizing maintenance intervals.
  • Ergonomic Design & Operator Comfort: Makita’s unwavering commitment to operator well-being and efficiency shines through in the EK8101’s ergonomic design. This machine’s balanced construction minimizes operator fatigue during prolonged trenching sessions, providing enhanced comfort and efficiency. The integration of vibration-dampening technology further elevates the user experience, ensuring seamless and effortless operation.
  • Precision-Centric Adjustments: Elevate your trenching precision with the Makita EK8101’s quick-adjust belt and blade cover system, facilitating precise adjustments tailored to diverse trenching scenarios. Whether navigating intricate landscapes or executing complex trenching tasks, this feature ensures every trench is cut with unparalleled precision, meeting project-specific requirements with ease.
  • Portability, Versatility & Safety: Despite its formidable power, the Makita EK8101 strikes a harmonious balance between portability, versatility, and safety. This well-balanced machine empowers operators with unparalleled versatility, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the trenching process, irrespective of the terrain or project complexity.
  • Powerhouse Performance: Experience the robust power of the Makita EK8101 engine, boasting an impressive 4.5 kW output (equivalent to 6.1 HP). This powerhouse of an engine effortlessly tackles the most demanding trenching tasks with remarkable ease, ensuring swift starts with the inclusion of a decompression button, facilitating effortless ignition and seamless operation.


Embrace the unparalleled power, precision, and efficiency of the GeoTrencher – 500mm Trencher – Makita EK8101, paired with the 500mm long GeoTrencher trenching bar. This dynamic duo promises to transform your trenching projects into seamless, efficient, and accurate endeavors, exceeding expectations and setting new industry benchmarks for trenching excellence. Trust in this powerful combination to elevate your trenching endeavors, ensuring optimal outcomes, reliability, and performance with every application. Your trenching projects deserve nothing less than the best, and with the GeoTrencher Makita EK8101, excellence is guaranteed.


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